My practice is rooted in universal stories: the woman born from a rib, Kronos’ sperm that impregnates the sea, the prince riding through hills and dales, the comb growing into a forest, words turning into snakes or diamonds…. My interest lies in the possible occurrences of metamorphosis and transformations. I like to explore the fantastic in everyday life, not as an intrusion into the real world, but as an inherent part of it. 


I workwith a variety of media ranging from drawing, photography, sculpture or installation.  Each individual project influences the materials I use, be it clay, textiles, fishing floats or cable clips. Each individual project looks for new skills, or for new technical challenges. And, most of the times, they keep holding a sense a fragility and vulnerability.

I create sculptures in which the vegetal, animal and human worlds are entwined and penetrate each other. I do detailed pencil drawings that juxtapose reversals and associations of ideas. I make photo series that touch on the notion of passage and the symbol of threshold.  I plan site specific installations that question how a particular space is inhabited. All in all, shapes, bodies and objects protrude and grow to emphasize changes or to materialize a transition.


The recurrent motif is the juxtaposition of different shapes or elements, taken out of their context or surroundings. The disparities and dislocations become a way to assess and acknowledge a way of being, become a way to show or witness the dreamlike dimension of the space around us.  As Max Ernst puts it, it is about "a linking of two realities that by all appearances have nothing to link them, in a setting that by all appearances does not fit them." 


Keeping in mind an elegance of shapes, my work engages with emotions and expresses inner doubts. In a poetic way, I  attempt to link the intimate experience to the collective imagination.